Why Purchase a Temporary Building?
If your business has a long-term vision and you’re planning ahead for the future, then consider purchasing a temporary building from Temp Re Build Ltd. The benefits of purchasing a temporary building will mean that your business grows and develops in the way that you want it to without any need to keep enlarging your premises. Extending space and creating expansion on your company site will generate more scope to progress and meet business requirements. We strongly recommend that purchasing a structure rather than hiring a structure makes financial sense if you are looking at expanding long-term.

Cheaper Alternative?
At Temp Re Build Ltd, we supply businesses with temporary buildings and warehousing so that they don’t need to afford capital expenditure to build permanent sites. Building a permanent site requires a great deal of planning and incurs hefty costs that may not be presented at an affordable or appropriate time for the company. Temporary warehouses and buildings give you the ability to extend your business site, allowing for extra space to suit your requirements. Purchasing a temporary building is considerably cheaper than building a permanent site and has several key aspects that are of benefit.

Cost Effective
Building a permanent site incurs many weighty costs and could possibly subject the business to financial risk. Planning consent, legal fees, raw materials and building services are all expensive costs that you can avoid. A temporary building is low cost and is an effective way to expand your business without inviting heavy expenses. If you have a low budget but need to expand, talk to us and we will best advise you on the most suitable bespoke solutions for your business requirements.

“I decided to purchase a temporary building instead of hire, because I knew that my business needs would be long-term. I saved a fortune in choosing a temporary instead of building a permanent structure.” – Phillip Stone

Quick to Construct
Our team can have your temporary structure up and standing on site within days of receiving your request. The advantage of choosing a temporary building is that if your business moves site, then it is easy to dismantle and reassemble elsewhere. Our trustworthy and capable team will ensure that your building is safe, secure and perfect for your business needs.

Durable & Secure
Our temporary buildings at Temp Re Build Ltd are made of strong, durable material and are expected to last for over 30 years. Whether you need it to be insulated or non-insulated, have roller shutters or DDA specification, we can meet your requirements. We only offer 40mm steel clad composite panels or 40mm UPVS walls which are the most effective in safeguarding your assets. Speak to our expert team to discuss what would be perfect for your requirements.

Uses for Temporary Buildings
Some of our loyal customers utilise our temporary buildings for the following businesses:

  • Logistics and Transport
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Servicing Facilities
  • Production Facilities
  • Garden Centre Expansion
  • Car Showrooms
  • Seasonal Space & Storage
  • Supermarkets
  • Retail Buildings
  • Chilled and Ambient Storage
  • Emergency Solutions

Discuss Your Requirements
Get in touch today to speak to our professional and knowledgeable team. Customer satisfaction is our top priority so we will make sure that you are given the best advice for your business. If you have any questions, contact us now.