Why Farms Are Hiring Temporary Buildings

It’s no doubt that most businesses outgrow their initial premises. Some businesses build and expand on site if they have enough space and money, and some choose to move to new premises. However, it is now becoming more and more common for businesses to hire temporary buildings because they need quick, cost-effective solutions that won’t break the bank.

Temporary buildings can be used in a wide amount of industries including; manufacturing, warehousing, commercial and retail businesses. However, one industry that they are regularly used is in farming. Farms in the UK have hugely suffered financially over the last decade compared to before when farming was considered a good money-earner. Farmers have had to make cutbacks, investing less in new machinery and repairing the old. UK food prices have slumped and supermarkets are offering consumers more savings, putting pressure on hardworking British farmers resulting in the need to borrow money to keep their farms running. In fact, dairy farms are facing a 50% drop in their income for wholesale milk, meaning farmers need to save costs in other ways to support their families.

Developing Farm Sites

Many farmers know that to make ends and increase their income, they need to produce more output, whether their business is in crop, livestock or dairy farming. To increase output, they need more space on their farms, but they are unlikely to have the capital injection to pay for costs so they can build on site. Therefore, many farmers are turning to hiring temporary buildings to fulfil the demands of their production. Hiring a temporary building for your farm increases the space and consequently enables you to house more machinery or livestock, increase your output and get your business back on track. It can also act as a space for warehousing and storage, giving ample room for supplying more produce in a cost-effective way.

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Why Are Temporary Buildings Cost-Effective for Farmers?

Farmers are choosing to hire temporary buildings because they do not have the ready cash for paying to build on site. Instead hiring a temporary building that spreads the cost over monthly instalments is much more cost-effective and does not require any initial expensive outlays. Choosing to hire a temporary building for as little or long as you like, means that you are not tied down with hefty costs, especially in this unpredictable climate of farming. Temporary buildings are available to hire from as little as 3 months and they can last for up to 30 years because they are made from strong, lightweight and durable materials.

Standard or Bespoke Designs  

Fitting a new structure into an existing farm site may sound tricky, but so long as you have the available space and a hard ground, then it is entirely possible. There are temporary buildings with standard structures or a structure can be designed around your existing buildings. Buildings can also be designed with or without insulation, loading bays etc. Your temporary building can be specifically designed to suit your farming needs and your site. Hiring a temporary building is a cheaper alternative to building on site, saving you in material costs, builder costs and time. Planning an onsite build can take months and sometimes years to plan, design and complete, and will no doubt be a huge investment for your business at such a difficult time.

Temporary warehousing solutions

Temporary Building from Temp-re Build

Insulated Temporary Buildings

Made from strong, durable materials, our insulated temporary buildings are ideal for retail space, sensitive storage and public facilities.

Temporary Building Construction

Non-Insulated Temporary Buildings

The best budget solution for non-sensitive storage and workshop areas. Taking just a few days to install, they are an ideal emergency solution.

Industrial Canopy Buildings

Industrial Canopies Solutions

Creating an ideal space for loading, storage and recycling. Extend your space quickly and in a cost effective way with an industrial canopy solution.



Providing you with the space you need, exactly when you need it.

If you have a requirement for an increase in warehouse or storage space, our temporary buildings are a cost effective and convenient way to expand your company site as you grow and develop your business.

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