Foundations for Temporary Buildings

Temporary buildings are the perfect solution for any business that may be requiring additional space on their site, but do not want to necessarily invest in building a permanent structure. Many companies use temporary buildings as a short-term or long-term solution, removing the pressure of hefty costs, moving premises or other upheavals on site. Some businesses will not know if they need foundations for temporary buildings, perhaps not considering it as a possible solution.

If you are thinking about using a temporary building for your business and need to understand how they are constructed on site, it is important to understand that the foundations for temporary buildings should be considered. Temporary buildings are made from various materials and the weight and durability of those materials very much depend on the type of foundations you will need. Temporary buildings are made from the lightweight metal aluminium, which is a strong and durable metal for long-lasting sturdiness.

Temporary Buildings Without Foundations

Aluminium frames can be constructed without foundations for temporary buildings and are usually complete and standing in less than a week. This is done by securing the structure to an existing hard standing surface:

• Your site will be measured so that the team know where the building will be placed on your premises. The base plates are then positioned in the corners and at each bay section where the aluminium frame uprights will be laid.

• Holes are drilled, cleaned and then filled with a chemical resin solution. Anchor bolts are secured in the holes and once they have bonded with the resin, a nut and washer is added to each anchor.

• The frame will be laid out on site and the uprights of the frame are pinned to base plates, then lifted off the ground and fixed in place, each section at a time.

• When the frame is fully constructed, the wall cladding, doors and roof are fixed on. The last components of guttering and any extra additional features are attached to complete the job.

foundations for temporary buildings

Do Temporary Buildings Have Durability and Strength?

Although the word temporary suggests a short-term solution and perhaps a less than robust structure, this is certainly not the case. Aluminium structures are purposefully engineered and built to comply with the UK’s structural safety standings for wind speed and snow loads. This means the materials can endure the maximum wind speed and snow load without the safety or sturdiness of the building being affected. In short, temporary buildings are undoubtedly strong and meet standards that reassuringly make them safe and secure for any business. Aluminium also has a quality that makes the metal malleable, ensuring it is strong under impact or heavy loads.

What Are the Benefits of Temporary Buildings Without Foundations?

If your business urgently needs extra space, then building a permanent structure on site can take many months, if not years. Also, the cost of building, the speed at which it can be done and the upheaval to the business site, is not an ideal situation for most companies. For example, if there was a fire in your warehouse, you would urgently need a building to replace the one you had lost. Temporary buildings can be erected on site without a week, so that business can continue as usual with as little disturbance as possible. If you’re business is growing with new contracts, has an increase in seasonal growth or has upcoming opportunities to expand, then the ROI with a temporary aluminium warehouse is going to be quicker than if you were using capital expenditure to pay out for a permanent building. The day to day running of your business will also remain unaffected by the building, as temporary buildings are project managed by us from the start, to ensure you have a quick solution in place without any disruption. Temporary buildings can be constructed within a week and when you no longer need the structure, it can be just as easily be dismantled and removed, without leaving a trace behind.

Does Your Site Need Foundations for Temporary Buildings?

Foundations for temporary buildings are sometimes needed, but it usually depends on the preference of the business and what the structure is needed for. For example, if it is critical that the ground is 100% level then foundations may need to be laid. This is usually a concrete slab that provides a level surface and can often be used for buildings that house heavy machinery, forklift trucks or even public facilities where it’s vital the ground surface is level and flat. It may also depend on what anchoring methods are available as some varieties of hard standing may not be secure enough, therefore you may need a concrete slab to make certain the structure is safe and building criteria is met.

If your business needs a temporary building for short-term or long-term use, give us a call today. Our temporary buildings can last for around 30 years, so depending on how long you envisage needing it for, we can discuss hiring or purchasing temporary buildings for the most cost-effective solution.

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Providing you with the space you need, exactly when you need it.

If you have a requirement for an increase in warehouse or storage space, our temporary buildings are a cost effective and convenient way to expand your company site as you grow and develop your business.

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