Hire Temporary Buildings for Car Showrooms

Is your car dealership extending? Are you setting up a new dealership? Do you need extra space to bring in more vehicles? If your business is expanding and you need additional space, then the option to Hire Temporary Buildings for Car Showrooms can be the perfect affordable solution. The automobile industry is somewhat unpredictable so car dealerships are now benefitting from using temporary buildings to showcase their vehicles, instead of moving to larger and more expensive premises or investing in building additional space on site.

Hiring Temporary Buildings

Whether you are making a long-term plan to increase your sales fleet or are slowly increasing your vehicle stock, temporary buildings for car showrooms are a great solution to improve your space at a low cost. Temporary buildings can be bespoke-built, so whatever space you have available on your premises, we can construct a building that looks good and can fit in with your existing structures. Temporary buildings may sound like just a short-term solution, but in fact the structures can last for up to 30 years because they are made from strong, long-lasting materials. You can hire a temporary building from as little as 3 months, and if you decide that you need it for longer and your contract is coming to an end, we are more than happy to discuss amending the hiring period.

Purchase Temporary Buildings for Car Showrooms

Some successful businesses may need extra space for their car showroom but will not necessarily have the finances available to employ builders or pay for materials to build a permanent structure on site. Temporary buildings are cheaper and more cost-effective in the long-term, than planning and investing in a permanent build. If you expect to need the temporary building for longer than 8 – 10 years, then it may be more cost-effective to purchase it outright. We can discuss all the options with you to make sure whatever you choose, is the most cost-effective for your dealership.

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Car Showroom Designed for You

Your new car showroom can be designed specifically to suit your needs, so whether you need specialist lighting or temperature controls, we can include various unique features to make it perfect for you. We can also attach the temporary structure to your existing building if required, or build your new car showroom wherever is suitable on your site. Temporary buildings for car showrooms have been used by dealerships in different ways, whether it’s used as part of the servicing area, or specifically as a showroom, the beauty of a temporary building is that it is versatile but long-lasting and durable. We can also provide added facilities such as; customer waiting areas, offices, storage and coffee shops if required.

Emergency Solutions for Car Showrooms

In the past, we have had dealerships urgently enquire for a temporary building because they have had a sudden influx of vehicles or that they have signed up to a new partnership which has increased their fleet size. We can supply bespoke temporary buildings for car showrooms and have your new structure built and ready to use within a week, even if you contact us at short notice. We can also discuss branded temporary buildings for car showrooms, offering well-known dealerships an alternative solution that is cost-effective and financially viable for their business. Expand your dealership and increase your stock, talk to us today about how we can assist you with a temporary building to bring in more profit to your business.