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More and more businesses are choosing to install temporary buildings on their premises because it is the most cost-effective solution to creating more space. As businesses grow, there is an inevitable need to expand, but as costs for building on site are increasing rapidly, there needs to be a cost-effective alternative. Temporary buildings in Staffordshire are not only a cheaper option, but they create more space for businesses, avoiding the need to either move premises or build on site.

Why Consider Temporary Buildings in Staffordshire?
As a business grows, there will be more requirements for extra space, whether it’s for manufacturing, storage or warehousing. Planning to build a new and permanent building on site is not only a huge expense for a developing business, but it can also take a great deal of time before successful completion. Costs can involve an architect, the hiring of a reputable building firm and the expense of materials. Planning permission may need to be granted, taking months for approval and always with the risk of it being rejected. There are many aspects to building on site that can potentially take weeks, months or possibly years. If your business needs a solution for extra space as soon as possible, then you may not have the time to waste on planning a new build. Many businesses do not consider extra space until they are bursting at the seams, so often, a quick solution needs to be found. Moving premises is another costly way of expanding and with the limit on availability of sites in local areas, most businesses cannot consider a move as an option.

Why Are Temporary Buildings Cost-Effective?
Temporary buildings are an excellent solution to businesses because they do not incur all the costs of planning a new building on site, or moving premises. Instead, they offer a quick solution which is affordable. If the existing premises are suitable, local for workers commute and already an ideal location, then moving should not be an option. Not only is it difficult to find new premises that suit your requirements, but the upheaval of moving and the disruption to daily business, can be damaging to any company. Temporary buildings in Staffordshire are the ideal solution for a business that wants to stay on its existing premises, but needs more space on site for expansion. You can avoid all the costs of planning a new build, and instead hire a temporary building for the required amount of time you expect to need it. Hiring a temporary building gives you an affordable cost each month so you know exactly how much you are paying, giving you the extra space to help your business grow. If you expect to need a building for more than ten years, then it’s likely to be more cost-effective for your business to purchase a temporary building, which will still be cheaper in the long-run than planning a new build on site.

Temporary Buildings Are a Better Solution
Why are temporary buildings a better solution for a growing business? Temporary buildings in Staffordshire are the ideal solution for any business which is growing fast and requiring more space. Because it only takes a few weeks to erect a temporary building, it means that you can have your solution in place as quickly as you need it, avoiding having to wait for months (or even years) if you were planning a new build. Temporary buildings can be designed for your requirements, whether it’s attached to a current building or on a separate bit of ground in your premises. Often temporary buildings do not need planning permission and so long as you have a hardstanding ground, then there’s no need for foundations either. Constructions can be bespoke designed, with or without certain features such as insulation, roller doors or loading bays.

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What Businesses Use Temporary Buildings?
Temporary buildings in Staffordshire are used by virtually every industry and have become a popular alternative to spending company profits or risking debt on planning a new build. Businesses that already use temporary buildings for extra on-site space are:

• Supermarkets
• Garden Centres
• Car Showrooms
• Production Facilities
• Extra Seasonal Space and Storage
• Servicing Facilities
• Warehousing and Storage
• Transport and Logistics
• Retailers
• Chilled and Ambient Storage
• Emergency Storage

Whether your business has a need for more space during specific seasons, festive periods for retailers or summer for garden centres, you’re expanding your car sales fleet or looking for more warehousing, temporary buildings in Staffordshire are the perfect solution for any business.

What Are the Benefits of Temporary Buildings?
Temporary buildings have a vast range of benefits compared to building on site or looking for new premises. They can be constructed very quickly, giving businesses a quick solution to more space and having a quicker return of investment. Although the name ‘temporary’ suggests a short-term solution, the average lifetime is around 30 years. The buildings are made from lightweight, durable materials that are strong enough to withstand all types of weather, providing a waterproof and solid structure that businesses can rely on. They can also be built during any weather conditions, whereas permanent structures can take time if the weather is bad. Most of the construction is built off-site then transported to your business premises where the final construction is put into place and finished. This reduces the dangers of having hazardous building going on around your workers, reducing any health and safety issues too.

Does Your Business Need a Temporary Building in Staffordshire?
At Temp-re Build we provide businesses the extra space that they need to expand their premises and give them the perfect solution for extra storage, warehousing or space for other facilities. If you hire a temporary building for a specific amount of time, then decide you need it for longer, then it’s no issue to extend the contract. If you decide in a few years that you are moving premises, then our team can dismantle the structure and construct it on your new site. Temporary buildings are adaptable, cost-effective and the ideal solution for your business needs. If you need emergency solutions in place quickly, then we can help. Our expert team have years of experience in advising our clients, offering them the most cost-effective and suitable solution for their business. To find out how we can help, contact us today.

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Temporary Building from Temp-re Build

Insulated Temporary Buildings

Made from strong, durable materials, our insulated temporary buildings are ideal for retail space, sensitive storage and public facilities.

Temporary Building Construction

Non-Insulated Temporary Buildings

The best budget solution for non-sensitive storage and workshop areas. Taking just a few days to install, they are an ideal emergency solution.

Industrial Canopy Buildings

Industrial Canopies Solutions

Creating an ideal space for loading, storage and recycling. Extend your space quickly and in a cost effective way with an industrial canopy solution.



Providing you with the space you need, exactly when you need it.

If you have a requirement for an increase in warehouse or storage space, our temporary buildings are a cost effective and convenient way to expand your company site as you grow and develop your business.

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