Many businesses may initially think that the uses for temporary buildings are just a short-term or temporary solution. However, this is not the case. Temporary buildings are being used more and more as permanent structures because they are made from strong materials that can last for around 30 years. Businesses are using temporary buildings not only as a temporary solution but for long-term needs such as for warehousing, on-site storage and additional space for company growth. There are many uses for temporary structures and the solution is a cost-effective alternative to building permanent constructions on site, avoiding the upheaval of moving premises altogether.

Expanding Your Business

Business growth is one of the most common reasons why a company may need a temporary building. Whether you have an increase in production or need more warehousing space, a temporary building offers you a good solution for a short or long-term need. Some businesses also require additional storage facilities if they produce seasonal goods. Companies are discovering the uses of temporary buildings, instead of paying for a permanent build, because they are unsure of what the future holds. Why invest company profits building a permanent structure, if your industry is unpredictable and you may not get the ROI? Temporary buildings are an affordable option when you are growing your business and don’t want to upset the bank balance. Because temporary buildings are so quick to construct (taking under a week), they can also be a quick and easy solution if you suddenly and unexpectedly require more space on site. Temporary buildings can be hired if you consider it to be short-term, or they can be purchased if you require structures for the long-term future. Whichever you choose, we will make sure it is the most cost-effective solution for your business.

uses for temporary buildings

Keeping Your Business in One Place

Often when businesses need more space, they need to rent or acquire extra premises. They may decide on this option because they do not have the funds to build a permanent structure on site. This is one of the most popular uses for temporary buildings and businesses have benefitted from installing a temporary structure on site, to keep everything in one place. Having several premises or locations increases costs on many aspects, so hiring or purchasing a temporary building instead can significantly save money for your business.

Improving and Increasing on Site Space

When businesses consider refurbishing or rebuilding their premises it can cost a fortune. Not only can it affect the company’s bank balance but the upheaval of moving can heavily affect the day to day operations. If business does not continue as normal, then often the disruption can have an impact on trading. A huge benefit of uses for temporary buildings is that they can be used for anything and are quickly constructed, giving a business a speedy solution and avoiding disturbing the operational and trading side of the business.

Permanent Uses for Temporary Buildings

Many businesses are opting for the affordable solution of using a temporary building for a permanent purpose. Because temporary buildings are made from strong and durable materials, they can last for around 30 years. This makes them just as robust as a permanent structure but without the hefty costs involved. Whether you need a temporary building for warehousing, storage, machinery, transport and logistics or just for seasonal space, it is a cost-effective solution for most businesses. It is often cheaper to purchase a temporary building than rent it, if you are looking at using it for a long time.

Protection from the Weather

The unloading and loading of goods in a loading bay can often subject your goods to harsh weather, potentially damaging them and costing your business money. Having a weatherproof loading bay canopy is essential to ensure that any loading can be carried out on your premises, no matter what the weather is. Loading bay canopy’s can be attached to your existing building, or can be included in a temporary building, making certain that the weather does not affect your business during loading.

Emergency Uses for Temporary Buildings

Supermarkets, garden centres, car showrooms, manufacturers, warehouses and farms are just some of the types of businesses that use temporary buildings. But because temporary buildings are so quick to construct taking less than a week, they are not only a cost-effective solution but also can be used for emergency space that may be urgently required. Unfortunately, untoward occurrences can also happen such as fires and businesses can suffer if a solution for space is not found quickly. There’s many uses for temporary buildings if you urgently need space, removing the stress and worry for a business that alternatively will not be able to operate properly.

If you are considering a temporary building for your business site, then talk to use today. We can offer emergency solutions to ensure your business continues to operate without disruption.